Fall Sprinkler System Prep – Lehi UT

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Why Bother with Sprinkler Winterization?

Winterizing your sprinkler isn’t just another chore; it’s a smart move to prevent damage. When water freezes in pipes, it expands and can cause breaks or leaks. That’s why a good sprinkler blowout is important.

Step 1: Shutting Off the Water

Step 2: Drain Those Pipes

Getting all the water out of your system is a key part of blowing out the irrigation system. Whether you have a manual or automatic setup, it’s important to make sure those pipes are dry to protect your winterize sprinkler system.

Step 3: Air Compressor Blowout

Step 4: Inspection Time

After you blow out the sprinkler system, take a look at all the parts. Make sure everything looks good, especially the parts that are exposed to the elements.

Step 5: Get the Pros Involved

Why Pick Lehi Dr. Sprinkler Repair?

We understand what your sprinkler system needs and we’re ready to help with every step of the sprinkler winterize process. Our team knows how to handle all sorts of systems and we’re all about doing a thorough job. Each sprinkler blowout we do is about keeping your system safe from winter damage.

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